The Vision Church is…

A Family of Champions — We are a close-knit group of people committed to overcoming challenges and striving for the best in life.

Bible-Based Family — We believe that the Bible is God’s written Word and that God’s written Word is the standard by which we are to measure our lives. When God’s written Word is read, interpreted and used within the lens of Jesus Christ, the Word becomes flesh and manifests itself in the lives of all people.

A Family Committed to Excellence — We commit ourselves to maintaining a high-quality standard in everything we do, recognizing that excellence requires a continued and focused effort.

An Inclusive Family — We devote ourselves to ministering to people of all people, ages and all stages of life to the extent of our God-given abilities.

A Caring and Accepting Family — We dedicate ourselves to embracing People of various backgrounds, races, orientations, cultures and circumstances by ministering with a heart of compassion in all we do.

A Life-Changing Family — We believe that accepting Christ as one’s Lord and Savior results in a life-changing experience, that the Word of God can bring about a life-changing impact on a personal and societal level, and that God’s church is impacting the world by changing people’s lives.

The Vision Church provides:

A Dynamic Worship Experience — We enter into God’s presence with open hearts and experience powerful times of worship that are meaningful, life-changing, and personal, all the while allowing the Lord to move as He would during our worship time.

Empowering Spiritual Training –We give people the chance to go deeper into God’s Word and become more servant-minded by offering discipleship training and ministerial preparation.

Multi-faceted Comprehensive Ministry — We exist to meet the needs of all people and thus strive to minister by providing practical resources to empower, enrich, and strengthen people’s lives socially, psychologically, financially, and spiritually.

Opportunities for Growth — We offer all people a place to grow in the Lord through preaching, teaching, and discipleship; and to develop stronger bonds with brothers and sisters in the fellowship of believers.

Opportunities for Service — We extend opportunities for people to become conduits of God’s love, mercy, and grace by using their time and talents in service to others.

The Vision Church develops and nurtures people to become:

Overcomers — We move from one challenge to the next, knowing that, in Christ, all adversity can be overcome.

We are Conquerors — We recognize that we face a spiritual enemy who has no authority over our lives and thus can be victoriously resisted and is already defeated because of our place in Christ.

We are Achievers — We move forward with their divine destinies, knowing that God has called us to successfully complete His purpose for our lives.

We are Followers — We follow after the Lord and model their lives after the resurrected Christ.

We are Leaders — We lead as they follow the Lord and model their lives after the resurrected Christ.

We are Warriors — We realize that God’s Word is their guide and gives them the tools necessary to become well-armed warriors for Christ (Eph. 6:10-18) who are more than conquerors in Him (Rom. 8:37) and who have been assured of God’s ultimate victory (Rev. 21:6-7).

We are Ambassadors – We actively penetrate society with the message of Christ through their words and actions.

We are Servants — We touch the lives of a lost and dying world by ministering with a servant’s heart to the needs of people.

We are Body Builders — We build the Body of Christ by inspiring their brothers and sisters in the Lord and by strengthening and encouraging them to exercise their faith.

We are Progressive – We are committed to equipping individuals for the work of transforming the world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do this by strengthening and empowering all people to live out a faithful commitment to the gospel of active love.