04 Nov 2013

“If You are Not Ready for it; You Don’t Deserve it!!!”

The Vision Church Comments Off on “If You are Not Ready for it; You Don’t Deserve it!!!”

This sermon was revolutionary on so many levels. Bishop Allen not only made it clear that in order to get to the next level one has to begin preparation before the level is even in view. See yourself in the future and know that you are the one God called for this.
Oftentimes we procrastinate because of fear and trepidation of the unknown. However “now” is the appointed time to begin the process for what ever God has birthed inside of you!!
He admonished us to prepare mentally as well as aesthetically to stimulate behavior that will get us in the mindset of the growth potential.
Your next level depends on your response to what God is saying to and through you. What are you waiting for….?
Take the time to read what Paul was saying in the Acts of the Apostle and make notes that will challenge your growth and comprehension. Feel free to leave your comments so that we all can experience Supernatural increase together!!

Bishop O. C. Allen III

Acts 21: 37-39
Acts 22: 25-29

When you’re late you miss your opportunity..

Don’t let anybody make you late for your opportunity…

Although qualified she misappropriated her time

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail…- Benjamin Franklin

Every missed opportunity can make you miss your destiny

God is preparing you for something you’ve never seen before.

Arrange & shift some things for what is coming…

Just because its a good vision doesn’t mean its a God vision.

You know you’re gifted for something great bc people can’t explain why they don’t like you…

Every day get ready for the BIG DAY!!!!

Are you wasting preparation time with people who aren’t going anywhere?!??

Get your heart prepared, get your mind prepared…

If you apply yourself to your field of passion you will be 95% ahead of the population

No such thing as being over prepared…

It pays to be prepared

Don’t make demands until you are in demand?!?!

Its time to consecrate yourself & get ready for what God is about to do!!!

When you begin to prepare for the next level expect warfare

You must learn to shift from emotions to principles whenever you prepare to go higher

When you’ve gone thru so much to change people will do whatever they can to test you …

The moment you decide to get your life together watch how the opposition responds

When you’re under attack there is still an opportunity in the attack

If you’re successful on the next level; also know how to communicate on the next level

The appearance matters going to the next level

Dress like you have destiny & purpose for your life

1. Be prepared to shift from emotion to principle. Principle driven & not emotionally driven

2. Know how to communicate on the next level

3. Be prepared to dress like you’re going to the next level.

Paul learned the different languages because he knew the time would come when he would need that knowledge

Are you prepared for your answered prayer(s)?

What are you believing God for?

Can you communicate with people who don’t look like you or talk like you?

The next level may require it…

Everyone wants to pastor but pastoring has been done over & over however ask yourself this question…

Are you building a monument (building) or a movement (revolution)?

You should be looking for ways to be different in this next level.




Changing lives to make a difference…

A golf ball was created by an African American doctor who noticed that by making dents in a ball would cause to ball to go further…

You too may feel like you’ve been beat (dented) up but it’s because God wants to propel you further!!
When you think that you can’t take another hit just consider the golf ball…

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